Raphaela Melsohn’s Collection of Gestures (2018) is a site-specific video installation created for AnnexB’s artist residency and part of the artist’s exploration at defying gender disparities and constructed categories of “sex” and “sexuality.” For this work, the artist presents a juxtaposition of videos that show her process while creating numerous objects: some of them inspired by dildos and made of fabrics, foam, plaster, or clay. The making of the objects produces liquids and flows, soft penetrations, insides and outsides. In these videos, Melsohn’s gestures may suggest that our bodies, the ways in which we use our limbs, and our desires, can be opened up to repertoires beyond the binary thinking that has been pressed onto our flesh and skins.

Text by Tatiane Schilaro - made for AnnexB's Open Studio.

Video part of "Collection of gestures" installation.

Photo|Foto: Camila Crivelenti.

Coleção de gestos | 2018

Vídeo instalação - tecido, espuma e vídeo projeção.

Apresentado durante Open studio da residência AnnexB.

Photo|Foto: Camila Crivelenti.

Photo|Foto: Camila Crivelenti.

Collection of gestures | 2018

Video installation - fabric, foam and video projection

Presented at Open studio at AnnexB residency.